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7400 Montgomery Boulevard NE, Albuquerque 87109, New Mexico, United States


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A Lotus Sound Bath is an instrumental experience utilizing quartz crystal singing bowls, gongs and cymbals in order to rebalance both mind and body. Guests will enjoy a unique meditative concert played by Lotus owner Douglas Cardwell as he leads you on a journey of self-regeneration using a variety of high vibrational instruments and melodies designed to reset and restore the nervous system and expand your heart. Take the opportunity to improve focus and concentration while enjoying a guided meditative state created by the soothing technique of a musical professional. A level of positive energy may be created which will promote relaxation, inner peace and mental clarity. As well as mental benefits, the body may also improve with higher energy, fewer headaches and better sleep as the sound waves release and heal you. Let anxiety slip away to be replaced by a sense of serenity.


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