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Boss Mobility Life Coach's mission is to empower people of color to own their dreams. ​

Practicing the skills to listen and be present from 60-90 minutes seems to create ..." Aha, helpful moments in your life"...
How can you consider God's help, family support, friends encouragement, and the more extensive conversations you MUST have with Yourself to focus on moving past this moment in time. The twenty-four-seven focus on pandemic creates no change. The constant 24 seven news cycles create worry, anxiety, and memories that could be less than favorable, spiritual, inspiration, or healthy for you physically.

Is it clear to you now? If you do not move forward in your own thought life, you will continue standing still in your heart. You will be staring at the painfully challenging experience of altering situations that will overwhelm any of us. The significant events on all of our hearts, minds, souls, and strengths will continue in 2020 and possibly beyond. We hope a vaccine will eradicate this pandemic, don't we?

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  • The right direction


    I must say that Brian owner of BOSS is very good at creating strategies to help you add value to your business, as well as developing marketing plans. I must say that his advice has all had positive results so far. So if you need help or ideas to help your business advance give him a call
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San Leandro, California, United States

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