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Brian started driving in 2013 for several Transportation Network Companies. He has 5 years of experience. Brian has driven over 12,700 people around the SF Bay Area and has 3,200 5 star reviews. Brian taught in the Education Dept at Cal State University East Bay in Hayward, majoring in Recreation Administration and Educational Psychology. He served as a general counselor for Merritt College in Oakland. Brian is the Founder of Boss Mobility Network, LLC. He is passionate about singing enthusiastically and driving safely. Brian has been married for 42 years, he has 3 adult kids and 5 grandchildren.



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Boss Mobility Network
Boss Mobility Network

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    I must say that Brian owner of BOSS is very good at creating strategies to help you add value to your business, as well as developing marketing plans. I must say that his advice has all had positive results so far. So if you need help or ideas to help your business advance give him a call
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485 Fortuna Avenue, San Leandro 94577, California, United States

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