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We are a holistic integrative skincare service and skincare apothecary creating for you unique herbal and food based skin care products; giving you the results to empower your beauty. We provide private services, coaching, classes, workshops, and events promoting a more holistic lifestyle for a conscious state of beauty. We create personalized and customized skin care products for your unique skin conditions and personal needs with complementary therapies like healing music.

Our Mission:
It is the mission of Royal Nubian to create skincare products whole and natural from the earth to elevate your beauty; and even more to protect and balance your skin cells and melanin production for enhanced beauty. The unique and customized formulas can give you the results of healthy smooth glowing skin!

Our Promise:
Royal Nubian shall always create products for you that are 100% concentrated with natural and organic food and herbal based ingredients. Your products shall always be free of chemical preservatives, fillers, possible carcinogens, and irritants; including sulfates and betaines. You'll always receive a 100% guarantee on effectiveness and potency of your purchase.


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2367 2367 Tacoma Avenue South, Tacoma 98402, Washington, United States