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Drone Tech UAS provides two necessary features required for a comprehensive drone detection prison security program:
1) software to detect the location of the operator of the intruding drone
2) the training of existing staff to pilot facility drones.
Our program is cost effective and meets all of the FAA and FCC standards related to drone detection operating software.
The software offered by Drone Tech UAS detects the location of an offending drone pilot to be apprehended by facility staff. This is accomplished by tracking the RF frequency from the controller to the intruding drone.  Once alerted, the facility staff monitoring the activity, can launch internal defensive drones. 
Through its onboard camera, our security drone pinpoints the location and actions of the intruding drone in the breached area. Prison staff can then restrict the area, search inmates and recover contraband.  This immediate action eliminates the costly practice of locking down an entire facility to search for a dangerous weapon that has entered the prison.
Drone Tech UAS also provides the onsite training of designated facility staff to qualify for the FAA series 107 Drone Pilot license.
We would appreciate the opportunity to further discuss your needs and requirements.  At your earliest convenience we would like to demonstrate how our equipment can assist your correctional facilities in mitigating this new dangerous problem to your staff and facility population. 

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40 Sheffield Drive, Middletown 10940, New York, United States