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Third Day Soaps Garden's mission is clear.

Our mission is to use ingredients so pure and simple they could have come from one of the earliest gardens on earth. This beautiful poetic verse about an early garden inspired our name "On the Third Day"...
The earth brings forth the grass, the herb that yield seed, and the fruit that yields fruit...and the evening and the morining were the "Third Day."

These high performing natural beauty products are shaped to capture exceptional beauty and pure herbal wealth of Pennslyvania. All skin care products are hand crafted and include the award winning "Smooth Operator" bath, body and massage oil. Our body wellness line is developed to counter the skins damaging , effects of aging, lifestyle and the modern environment. Embark on an global journey of the senses and discover exotic textures, sensual scents, rare raw materials and unique botanical ingredients that will evoke emotions, feed your inspiration, as well as nourish and comfort your skin and well being.
Cynthia L. Hill, Founder & CEO

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