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My story begins around 1992 when my father passed away with colon cancer and I watched him suffer at the age of 38 feeling helpless and useless wishing that only if I knew a way to save his life. I watched his weight go from 150lbs to under 100lbs and stood over his bed as he took his last breath.
My imagination at that time took off knowing there has to be a better way for my family going forward in healthcare and I knew if it was to be, it was up to me. My dream was to create a better life for my family through non-traditional medicine.
Dr. LaTronica Fisher is a model for the future of healthcare; she practices as a Meridian Stress Analysis Consultant, Adult and Geriatric Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Nutritionist, and a Homeopath. In addition, she is a motivational speaker and health educator.
Dr. Fisher’s passion is to serve humanity through the advancement of holistic natural medicine to assist in creating healthy mental emotional and physical well-being. Educating the general public and advocating for natural safe medicine. To stay healthy, Dr. Fisher believes that there needs to be an ever increasing awareness about the environment, dental, and medication health risk.
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