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Despite the proliferation of language apps, the process of learning a language is incredibly slow.
Fonetic About Language has spent 5 years researching and developing a way to learn languages faster. We have done this, not by studying any one language, but by investigating how the brain best learns languages. We can now reduce the time to learn a language from months to just weeks.
We’re aiming this process at small businesses who want to promote their products to new markets in new languages without hiring additional staff.
In order for the method to work we need content for each language in multiple voices. The content must also be organised in a way to the brain learns best. For the last three years we have been working on the design of an app that would allow anyone to record their language to be uploaded to our server and an AI computer system to be able to deliver customised content to students.
The recordings are organised like iTunes organises music and we then sell the recordings to students. Language is a 50 billion dollar business. We are looking for people who understand the potential of our business model and would like to create recordings of their language as needed

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Vocal Recording Artist

Build repeat income by recording the content we need in the languages you speak. We sell…

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WALTHAM CROSS Hertfordshire United Kingdom

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