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The Williams Community Engagement Teen Center Was founded in 2018 in Vancouver Washington. A African American family from Oklahoma moved to Vancouver Washington in 1993. The youngest daughter Brandi being 13 at the time attending the school system and learned at a early age that she didn't belong she kept getting bully and teased for the way she talk and looked from students and staff. She decided to try out for school activities to make friends but didn't even make it on the teams. It took a counselor that she talked to ask her one question and that was What do you want the school to have for you to want to be here? Brandi responded with a multi cultural club , hip hop dance team, and annual talent show. That same year was the president to all three and stayed president til she graduated in 1998. She moved to Atlanta and started a family of her own. After her father got sick she moved back with her 3 kids to be his care taker till he died in April 2010. She started having block parties and doing community activities with the neighborhood kids. Different organizations took notice and was able to help form her non profit. The Williams Community Engagement Teen Center.

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Vancouver, Washington, United States

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