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Khelsea Purvis Editorial Services LLC provides editing and proofreading services to creative writers of children's books, comic books, and graphic novels.

As your developmental editor, I will focus on the “big picture” of your story. I will analyze your story’s plot, setting, character development, and overall structure. I will address plot holes, weak characterizations, structural issues, and more. I will also help you resolve these issues so your story is strong from beginning to end.

As your line editor, I will focus on how your story is written. This includes reviewing the clarity, flow, readability, and effectiveness of your writing. I will refine your story’s characterizations and dialogue. I will also enhance your voice and the tone of your writing while eliminating bad writing habits.

As your proofreader, I will spot errors that slipped by in previous editorial stages. I will eliminate typos, duplicated words, missing or misused punctuation, spelling errors, and minor grammatical errors. I will also flag any formatting issues that come up during the design process to ensure your project is polished.

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Randolph, Massachusetts, United States

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