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909 3rd Avenue, New York 10029, New York, United States

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Bazile Sauce helps chefs cook quickly and simply at home, without feeling like they are missing out on flavor. I live in an expensive urban city (NYC) where eating out every day isn't always an option, financially. My husband, our friends, and I hate when we have to decide between our taste buds and our wallets. I decided to make gourmet cooking sauces that are both delicious and flavorful. As the main cook in my household saving time and how quickly I can produce food, is a huge factor in creating this sauce. Bazile Sauce is a one-stop shop, in terms of cooking. It provides cooking sauces that tenderize, marinate, deliver intense flavor, and provide natural ingredient coloring for food, in a quick and easy fashion. Bazile Sauce uses organic ingredients and has a green/low carbon foot print. In addition to helping chefs, Bazile Sauce is focused on not impacting the environment as much as possible.


Bazile Sauce

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909 3rd Avenue, New York 10029, New York, United States

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