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Are you a business owner, Senior approaching 65 or 65 or Individuals looking for affordable medical plans, voluntary benefits, Medicare Advantage, Medigap, Prescription Drug plans or Life insurance, then I'm your guy. With the way Covid-19 has impacted healthcare, local businesses, economies and families, I can help navigate and offer consultation by addressing benefit needs, addressing pain points and protecting your most valuable asset. You. I've been an advocate for educating individuals, businesses and families about the benefits of health and wellness. My motto is "A Votre' Sante" which means to your health. I've been proudly serving the Genesee County area, advocating, consulting, educating and meeting the needs who lack coverage or are under-insured offering peace of mind.

Schedule a no pressure consultation. I can meet and enroll via Zoom, in person or over the phone. Let's do business, A' Votre Sante!
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Protect Your Most Valuable Asset. You

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Flint 48505, Michigan, United States

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