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"Behavior Wellness & Botanica Arts: " How You Can Get Off Your Prescription Meds, Avoid Costly Surgeries, And Naturally Heal Yourself... Dr, Monica Franciosa Homoeopathic Treatment of Mental Hygiene, peer guidance, Behaviour Modification, and remedies which can Restore Calm and Recovery, Actually Supported by Science, PRAYER, HERBS, & HEALING.
"Discovering Inner Magic with an integrative approach of Scientific Evidence base: Brain Science & Healing Arts "

Our Practice founder Dr. Monica Watts-Franciosa; Since 2013 as a Psychology Today Verified Practitioner dedicated to offering her innovative trademarked Behavioral Sciences courses and like-minded affiliated partnerships' programs; a resource to Wellness Remedies and CBD to restore calm, Grief and Addiction Recovery, and life-altering principles:

Depressions and Withdrawal
Addiction Recovery Guidance
Grief Recovery
Coping With The Death Of A Pet – Understanding Pet Loss Grief
Animal Emotional Assistance Advocacy
Wellness Psychosexual Problems
Wellness Mental Happy Puppy & Family CBD and Herbal Remedies


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Napa, California, United States

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