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Belin Von Iron Heart Rotts

Belin Von Iron Heart Rotts https://www.supportblackowned.com/media/com_jbusinessdirectory/pictures/companies/1650/belin-von-iron-heart-rotts_1664755934.jpeg XXX 61 Peach Street, Brentwood 11717, New York, United States 6315754335 5.0 05 2
XXX 61 Peach Street, Brentwood 11717, New York, United States

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Belin Von Iron Heart Kennel is not a super large breeding kennel. This helps us devote more time and attention to developing our bloodline. We have quickly established an elite breeding program. We are dedicated to reseaching and using the most outstanding proven bloodlines on earth. We carefully selected our champion bloodline from the very best dogs in the world. We took IFR World Seiger champion dogs then added the most prestigious ADRK winning bloodlines to make a rare in appearance, superior dog. They inherit giant size and powerful thick jaws with super wide heads. They also posses a dark mouth pigment, super rich mahogany markings, and great tempeaments Belin Von Iron Heart Style!!
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XXX 61 Peach Street, Brentwood 11717, New York, United States

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  • Outstanding dogs


    He is a leader in selling new school rottweilers with a beautiful look and at a very reasonable price that a regular person can afford!! Go Iron Heart Rotts!!
  • 5 star


    Great owner great dogs a true professional!! If you want top dogs at an affordable price go to Belin Von Iron heart

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