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1. Executive Billing Source LTD

 Houston, Texas
Providing HIPAA compliant medical billing and claims collections services. Most specialties welcomed. Over 20yrs of experience. Let us collect on your unpaid or underpaid claims. Let us get the money you deserve.

2. Revenue MedX, LLC

 Houston, Texas

3. UR' Billing Solution LLC

 Portland, Oregon
We are a small medical billing company that will Increase your revenue: a well-qualified billing service like UR’ Billing Solution LLC. can really increase your revenue up to 25% to 35%. With an Affordable monthly fee for our services.


4. Brazzle Billing Services, LLC

 Biloxi, Mississippi
Brazzle Billing Services will exceed all your billing needs for your medical practice. Our goal is to reduce claim errors, increase reimbursement of claims, reduce your expenses, and make sure each client is completely satisfied with our services.

5. Heavenly Ink Credentialing, LLC

 Gulfport, Mississippi
Yes, I Am a Black Business
Medical Credentialing Company. Dedicated to Accuracy and Professionalism. We credential all Medical Providers.

6. Preferred Choice Credentialing, LLC

 Queens, New York
Preferred Choice Credentialing will help you streamline workflow processes, reduce the administrative burdens, and provide ongoing services to ensure compliance.  We provide credentialing and medical billing services nationwide.

7. Clear Way Dental Claims, LLC

 Southfield, Michigan
Yes, I Am a Black Business
Cleaning claims the clear way, we are the right solution to your claims resolution!