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We Are Open

"Come In! we Are OPEN!" says Chesapeake Juice Bar'.

Alkalicious Cold Pressed Juice Bar Won't Be Eclipsed by Renovations Next Door

Chesapeake, Va, July 24, 2018— It's hard to believe Alkalicious Cold Pressed Juice Bar in Greenbrier has been serving juices, smoothies, smoothie bowls and vegan food to the local community for a year and a half. It has quickly become a staple for plant-based options in Chesapeake. And for the owner, Lisa Bey, the prospect of two new business tenants moving in on both sides of this little gem of a juice bar is an exciting one.

Five Black Owned Law Firms In South Florida

Five Black Owned Law Firms In South Florida

Living in South Florida can is a dream for some, and heaven for others. Beautiful sun, fast cars, clubbing and nightlife makes south Florida the place where everyone wants to be. However with fun, sometimes you are bound to get into a little trouble that requires an appearance before a judge. Well there is no need to fear. Whether you need help with a felony, starting a business in the state, facing eviction, or deportation, we have many qualified Black owned law firms qualified to help 

Why Lebron Is The Greatest NBA Player

Why Lebron Is The Greatest NBA Player

Why is LeBron James the greatest NBA player? This question is debated so often by the masses on social media, in barbershops, in pubs, on street corners, in living rooms, and on television. Everyone seems to have an opinion on this matter. As LeBron battles in his eighth straight NBA finals appearance he has become more loved, and hated at the same time. He is constantly being compared to Michael Jordon, who also had to deal with the same debate as he was making

The Licking Wins On The Memorial Holiday Weekend

The Licking Wins On The Memorial Holiday Weekend

The Licking, formally Miami Finga Licking, Is one of the few black owned restaurant in Miami Florida which benefited from the tourists who visited the city during the "Memorial Day" weekend. Every year thousands of African Americans save their money to visit Miami for some sun and fun. Due to the popularity of South Beach as the ultimate tourist attraction, mostly all the black businesses are geographically cut off from the millions in revenue which is bestowed upon the region.

A Bookworm’s Guide To Collecting: How To Store, Handle, And Enjoy Your Books

Photo via Pixabay by DariusZSankowski

For book lovers, finding an elegant tome can be just as exciting as discovering treasure is for an explorer. Coming across a book you’ve been hunting for years--or simply finding one that’s a great read--can make you feel complete, in a way. Collecting and storing them, however, can become problematic if you don’t have the room or aren’t sure how to properly take care of them. The downside to physical books is that they deteriorate with age, and for someone who likes to collect rare, hard-to-find, or vintage tomes, that can become an issue pretty quickly.

Maame Biney, The First Black Female Short Track Speed Skater In The Olympics

There is a new star heading to the 2018 Winter Olympics and she's full of Black Girl Magic. Maame Biney is a 17 year old Ghana native who moved to the United States with her father at the age of five. After reading a sign which read "learn to skate," her farther introduced her to the world of ice skating. She originally signed up for lessons to learn figure skating, but her instructor found that she had

Let's Create More Black Millionaires

Everybody knows the story of the Black Male Athlete. He grows up in an impoverished neighborhood, apart of a family which is struggling daily to survive and make ends meet. Thanks to extraordinary  physical abilities, effort and drive, he excels at a sport which may very well help him provide for his family in the future. As he avoids the pitfalls of crime, prison and death created by the environment in which he must live, he impatiently prepares for  Draft Day. When that day arrives, filled with emotions, he nervously waits for the moment to hear his name. The sound of his name creates a joyous and wonderful feeling, for now he has instantly become a millionaire. 

The Forever App Gives Loved Ones Access to Protected Data

Richmond, VA- The Forever App, designed by Richmond natives Michael Penn and Clarence Bey, is a mobile application designed to address an issue facing many families; How do I gain access to my loved-one’s online presence, mobile devices or other secure account when the unforeseen takes place?

It's A Worldwide Event

Still Having Fun In St Maarten?
Just wanted to touch bases with you.
Also, to let you in on something Andre & I have been into for a while now.

Teaching Black Children Financial Literacy is a MUST!       

The surest path to financial success for anyone begins with learning economic principles at an early age. Historically speaking, adults instruct black children that the only path to financial success occurs via the securing of a collegiate degree and gainful employment. This old strategy has mostly expired as employers currently have no loyalty to employees who have enriched them via their labor. I posted that same question on my Facebook page. Two of the responses stated that they could not teach what they didn't know. My response was that we live in the information age and there is no excuse not to make sure that our children get a superb Financial Education.

A Card That Crosses Socio-Economic Boundaries


May 18, 2017

Revolutionary Prepaid Black Card Master Card

A card that crosses socio-economic boundaries

World-revolutionary card eliminates wealth and social differences

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