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How To Help Black Businesses When You're Broke

How To Help Black Businesses When You're Broke


You can start by giving the business information about different ways to help increase their exposure. One of the most untapped resources for Black owned businesses is Black business directories. There are thousands of consumers searching the web everyday looking for services provided by Black owned businesses and they frequent many Black business directories trying to find goods and services. There are many directories for them to choose from and they all offer different features and pricing plans which are set up to help Black businesses succeed. Here are just a few for thought SupportBlackOwned.com, FirstBlackAmerica.com, BlackRefer.com, and many more to choose from. Suggest a directory which you yourself have visited before. 

The next thing you can do is share information about a Black owned business's product or service. There are several ways to do this. The first way is to visit a Black business directory and look for businesses which you have patronized. Once you find a business which provided a good service or product, make sure you give the business a high rating, and if at all possible leave a review. When other consumers see your ratings or reviews they will be more likely to choose to engage in business with that company. Most directories today also allow for consumers to share or like the companies business listing with social media. When your social media connections see the like or share, some may be tempted to view the listing and find out more about the Black business you shared or liked.

In conclusion, simply sharing information can help your local or online Black owned businesses increase their sales. Telling Black business owners about directories which you use can help them get more exposure, which increases their chances of a sale. Leaving a good rating or review will encourage other consumers to choose a business due to positive customer feedback, which also increases the chance of a sale. Sharing a business listing from a directory on social media or liking the business listing page on the directory allows other consumers to discover new businesses and increases the visibility of the business and leads to more chances of a sale. So remember whether you're a business owner or a consumer, share, share, share.


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