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Business Website Analytics Can Determine If Your Marketing Dollars Are Working

Business Website Analytics Can Determine If Your Marketing Dollars Are Working

  • Website visits - number of people and bots that visit your site during any range of time
  • Popular pages - the pages which are viewed the most by people visiting your site
  • Peak visitor times - what hour of the day or day of the week that your site has the most visits
  • Reference links - tells you what website your visitors used to visit or find your website
  • Reference area - tells you what city or states your visitors are living in

Why is this information important? Money!!!

As a business owner you have to maximize every dollar. If you don't how your website is performing you could be wasting money as well as missing opportunities. If you pay for a marketing plan, how will you determine if it is helping you or not? You can't just rely on the word of the marketing company. You need to have a way to validate or to disprove the productivity claims of their campaign. With website analytics, you can decide if the marketer 's is reaching the desired customer. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Have your visits increased since you hired your new marketing company? You can use analytics to compare monthly visits for the month before and after you hired a marketing company.
  • Is the marketing campaign one of substance? You can view your reference links to see where Marketers have placed different links to your website. (Avoid click banks)
  • Are they marketing to your desired customer locations? You can view the cities and states in which your website visitors reside.
  • You want to increase the sale of a particular item? Use your analytics to find out which pages your visitors view more and utilize them.

Analytics can also help you price the advertising space accordingly. Advertisers pay for exposure. The more visits you have the greater potential for profits.

How to view your website analytics? First you need to have analytics code added to your website. Don't worry, almost all analytic software has a simple copy and paste installation method for all different forms of websites which business owners use today. Google Analytics and Statcounter are two of the more popular and reliable software.. They both can be set up with free accounts. Once you create an account and paste the code to your website, you will  be able to login and access all the information you need to evaluate your website's performance.

What if my website comes with it's own analytics? Don't trust it. Usually if you use the analytics software that come with a site such as wordpress, your numbers will be grossly overstated. They measure all the traffic on a hosting site as opposed to just the visitors to your website. That's why it is best to go with an independent third party software such as the two I mentioned above.

It is very important to understand your website analytics. That understanding will help you make better decisions which could result in larger profits.


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