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Drone Tech UAS Adds DGH Drone Detection Solutions

Drone Tech UAS Adds DGH Drone Detection Solutions

The addition of DGH advanced, legal RF drone detection solutions to the Drone Tech UAS suite of products and training services ensures correctional facilities will learn how to use drones to improve their operations, defend against drones bringing contraband into their facilities, and operate within FAA, FCC, and DOJ laws.

Quickly advancing drone technology and falling prices create both opportunity and threat for correctional facilities. Inmates are working with outside contacts to use drones to deliver drugs, weapons, porn, cell phones, cigarettes and other contraband.

While a consumer can buy a drone and fly it immediately, by law correctional facilities and commercial entities must have trained, FAA Part 107 certified pilots to use drones to conduct patrols. Surprisingly, no entity other than the US federal government can legally take any action to affect a drone in flight unless there is an immediate potential personal threat.

RF drone detection technologies that “decode” communications to detect and locate drones and pilots violate federal wiretapping laws. Any electronic action taken against a drone communication network also violates FCC regulations.

“We chose to add DGH’s cutting edge drone detection solution to our services to ensure correctional facilities can keep contraband out of their facilities and will not inadvertently violate any government regulations.” said Tony Reid, CEO of Drone Tech UAS.

“Since DGH detects and locates drones and ground controllers based on physical RF signals, never decoding the communication stream, it does not violate the wiretapping laws. Additionally, unlike other technology approaches, RF detection operates well in all weather, lighting, sound and background clutter environments.” Said Linda Ziemba, CEO

About Drone Tech UAS, LLC


Drone Tech UAS, based in Middletown, New York teaches corrections facility staff how to legally use drones to improve the prison safety and management. Drone Tech UAS integrates the most effective, affordable and legal drone detection solution to a facility's overall drone strategy. The Drone Tech UAS team understands correctional facility needs and environments. Drone Tech UAS know drone detection is only the first part of the challenge. Upon detecting the offensive drone nearing prison grounds, the next step is to secure and isolate the intruding drone to target where the contraband is entering your facility. This is accomplished by using your trained, federal part 107 remote pilots. 


Tony Reid

Founder/CEO Drone Tech UAS

Keeping Contraband Out Of Your Facility


Mobile:(631) 384-9817

 Office: (845) 775-3812


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