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Top 5 States Searching For Black Busnesses In March 2017

Top 5 States Searching For Black Busnesses In March 2017

New York enters the list at number five. New Yorkers are looking for Black businesses at a significantly higher rate than the rest of the country. In March alone residents of the state searched our directory at an average of 28 consumers a day while making up nearly 7% of daily visitors. Some of the businesses services available for these consumers were:

Drone Tech UAS based in Middletown. It is a drone company which offers services that include drone pilot training, drone repair and classes on how to build and repair drones.

Ikenga Media based in New York. They provide SEO, sales leads, and other marketing services for your business.

Making the list in the number four spot is Texas. In the state where they claim everything is bigger, the support for Black owned businesses is growing larger each day. Texas consumers make up about 7.62% of daily visitors with an average of about 31 visitors a day looking for  Black businesses in Texas. Some of the businesses available for those consumers are:

Avery Calloway, Realtor based in Austin. They offer full real estate services throughout the state emphasizing on the individual more than the sale.

Kid Book Zone based in Nocogdoches, is an online book store specializing in books for kids which enforces positive images and attitudes.

Coming in at number three is the great state of California. Just as the state hosts many types of natural environments it also hosts a multitude of different business types. Californian consumers make up nearly 8% of daily visitors searching for Black businesses with an average of 32 visitors a day. Some of the businesses available to them are:

Solar-Klean based in San Mateo, is professional solar panel cleaning company. They can extend the life of your panels, offering services for businesses and individuals.

Lightfoot Organic Vitality Experience of Wellness Center based in San Diego, offers a combination of holistic health services and natural products to maintain health and balance.

Florida settles in at number two. Sunshine isn't the only thing that Floridians want. They also want to spend their money with Black owned businesses. With Florida being a tourist destination, it is vital that Black businesses get their share of nonresidential income. An average of 36 daily visitors looking to find Black businesses within the state comprise about 9% of daily searches. Here are a few businesses they encounter:

Beveran Vodka based in Pensacola, is a new Black owned vodka company looking to make a mark and grab a share of a billion dollar industry.

Law Offices Of Tiffany J. Brown, P.A. based in Miami, offers services which include contracting, securities litigation and a host of other services for your business and personal needs.

At no surprise or maybe it is, taking the number one spot is Georgia. As expected this state is considered to be the best state for Black people to succeed. With that being said, some consumers are finding it difficult to locate businesses which are owned by Black people as opposed to just being managed by them. With daily visitors averaging 42 a day, Georgia consumers make up just over 10% of total daily searches for Black owned businesses. Here are a few which are accessible:

Lazard Law Firm, LLC based in Duluth, is an attorney specializing in workman's comp and benefit denial.

Loman Creative Services based in Savannah provides services to help you get your business online.

Honorable mentions go out to North Carolina at number six, and Illinois at number seven.

If you are the owner or know an owner of a Black owned business in one of these states make sure to get that business listed on our directory. As a business owner, make sure you don't miss out on opportunities to be patronized by the consumers in any of these great states. List your business for free!