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The Licking Wins On The Memorial Holiday Weekend

The Licking Wins On The Memorial Holiday Weekend

The Licking, formally Miami Finga Licking, Is one of the few black owned restaurants in Miami Florida which benefited from the tourists who visited the city during the "Memorial Day" weekend. Every year thousands of African Americans save their money to visit Miami for some sun and fun. Due to the popularity of South Beach as the ultimate tourist attraction, mostly all the black businesses are geographically cut off from the millions in revenue which is bestowed upon the region.

 The Licking, located 13 miles away, enjoys a successful weekend as if it were located on Collins ave. As visitors flooded the eatery, it stayed packed the entire weekend. Tourists flooded the restaurant causing an overflow into the parking lot. How is it that they are so lucky? 

Well luck has nothing to do with it. The Licking employs many strategies which contributes to it's success. The first is marketing. The hip hop community has several stars which have rapped about the restaurant and/ or posted pics on social media announcing their visit to the establishment. Patrons often get a chance to see rappers, singers, or reality tv show stars while having a meal. The second is transportation. During holidays or special events "The Licking" provides transportation which makes regular trips back and forth to South Beach, carrying hungry tourists hoping to be star struck as they travel throughout the city. Finally the incredible food along with great service makes this business one of the highlighted topics of a trip to Miami.



The black community in Miami has to implement strategies which would allow them to benefit during times of elevated tourism. Create attractions which would entice visitors to leave the beach and explore the inner city.

As a black business owner you must find new ways to attract customers. There are ways to get your piece of the pie. Sometimes you have to be creative or go that extra mile. In the event you don't have celebrities to talk about your business, make sure your customers are happy and ask them to give you a favorable rating and review. You don't have to sacrifice pricing. Just make sure you deliver a good product and great service. 

If you have found a great product or service provided by a black owned company make sure to let everyone know about their business. If you have had a good experience with any business on SBO give them a favorable review and add a few stars.

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