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Five Black and African American Owned Law Firms In South Florida

Five Black and African American Owned Law Firms In South Florida

Living in South Florida can is a dream for some, and heaven for others. Beautiful sun, fast cars, clubbing and nightlife makes south Florida the place where everyone wants to be. However with fun, sometimes you are bound to get into a little trouble that requires an appearance before a judge. Well there is no need to fear. Whether you need help with a felony, starting a business in the state, facing eviction, or deportation, we have many qualified Black owned law firms qualified to help you resolve your situation. Here are just a few from in the region. Mention SBO and you may get a discount.

Charles Legal PLLC is a firm located in Fort Lauderdale Florida. You can call this office for almost any need.  They practice slip and fall, personal injury, truck accidents and more. They serve most cities in both Miami-Dade and Broward counties. They speak English, Spanish, Creole, and French. They offer free consultations . (see profile here)

The Law Offices of Romaine Brown P.A. is located in Port St Lucie. Her practice includes the following probate, real estate planning, family law, immigration, civil and more. She has been a practicing since 2003. (see profile here)

The Law Offices of Tiffany J. Brown P.A. is located in south Florida. This office will help you with all your business solutions. The area serviced are business services, business formation and dissolution, Copyrights & Trademarks, and contracts. They serve the whole state. They offer consultations. (see profile here)

The Law Offices of Deborah Pino P.A. is located in Oakland Park Florida. This office will help you with your family needs. Such as divorce, paternity, probate, personal injury, wills, and child support matters. They mainly serve the Broward county area, but may be available to help outside the general area. You can set up a consultation online. (see profile here)

Smith & Stallworth, Attorneys at Law is located in Tampa Florida with offices in Fort Lauderdale, Lakeland, and Orlando. The areas serviced are accidents, and personal injury. They serve the southern half of the state, but are able to practice in the whole state. They offer free consultations. (see profile here

We have added and a bonus listing.

The Barrister Firm, P.A. is located in Miami Florida. This office covers all services. The areas serviced are bankruptcy, civil, commercial, criminal, entertainment, estate, foreclosure, real-estate, workers comp, and many more. They serve all of south Florida. You can call for consultations. (see profile here

These are just five of many Black owned law firms in Florida. These Black lawyers put the time in to learn the necessary information to obtain their licenses by passing the bar. As you can see no matter what your situation is, there is professional assistance available to you.

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