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Arlenda’s Connect The Dots of Texas

Arlenda’s Connect The Dots of Texas

    The purpose of this program is to give impoverished and minority disabled youth the “unlimited opportunity ” by matching them with the black professional and black retiree through ​a technological approach in mentoring across America; state by state!
The first goal of this program is to welcome aboard as many black professionals, entrepreneurs, and talented individuals who understand that their time is needed. The second goal of the program is to successfully utilize each mentor's talent and time by placing him or her in a particular bracket system according to his or her priorities and agendas in an effort to eliminate all barriers to participation. The third goal is to establish resourceful options of “unlimited opportunities” to all participants. The goal is for each child to have assigned mentors to participate in person and online. ​Having all mentors simultaneously collaborate the goals of the program with one another on behalf of the child assigned and their availability.
The inspiration for this program came from my daughters. One of them being autistic, have faced many challenges which have provided answers to our life’s most horrific situations! Furthermore, as a single mother and a disabled woman of color, I understand the necessity of socially relating our youth and to our culture through black mentor-ship. Due to our disabilities, many of us have been misinterpreted in our African- American culture.  It is believed that being disabled hinders a person's ability to perform and be useful within the community.  Many fail to realize the contributions that disabled people have within our society. All my trials and community misconceptions have ignited my drive in the creation of this program! Nonetheless, we can help disabled individuals within the black community be successful and achieve their greatest potential through black mentor-ship, starting  with this program. It starts Now! 
We have begun the first initiative within the program with Equine therapy by blacks for blacks as we are looking forward to expanding more adventurous activities. We have a list of other “unlimited opportunities” such as​  ​Historical African- martial arts​ ​which we plan to incorporate into our program. The plan is to bring this program center-stage and collaborate across the world to inspire other ethnic groups using our most powerful tool, technology! Please don’t miss out, be apart of this awesome opportunity to help guide our children within our community! 
Any questions regarding on how to participate or if you need further details on specifics of this program, please contact me ​here , call 1-(512) 521-7573, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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