The Son Of A Haitian Immigrant Owns One Of The First Black Wine Companies In Oregon

The Son Of A Haitian Immigrant Owns One Of The First Black Wine Companies In Oregon

Bertony Faustin is the son of Haitian immigrants who made a home for themselves in New York. His in-laws owned a wine vineyard just outside of Portland Oregon and had been selling their products to local wineries for years. Then one day Bertony had an idea about creating his own brand.

They stopped selling to the local wineries and he began the process to develop and sale his own line of wines. The company would handle every aspect of creating the wine, from tending the soil until the final product is poured into a glass. Two years after his idea would become a reality and he would launch his Abbey Creek Vineyard label named after the creek that runs through the property on which the vineyard is located. They produce Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, and Rose wines. The winery also offers a room for wine tasting on the weekends. You have to purchase tickets, but you will be privileged to taste fresh fermented wine.

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Faustin is also one of the leads on the project "Red, White & Black" which sheds light on the struggle and success of the many minority wine makers in Oregon. This project is dispelling two myths, the first "good wine is imported" and the second "Winemakers are all white." The project has uncovered information that suggests that winemakers are as diverse as the people who enjoy it.

There are many other Black Business Owners such as Bertony Faustin who are successful in businesses which everyone assumes are all white owned companies. It is important that his journey, and the story of others be told so that our children can see there is truly no limit to the opportunities of what we can be.

So when shopping for your next bottle of wine consider the Abbey Creek Vineyard Label

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