Are Black Business Owners Walking The Walk, Or Just All Talk?

Are Black Business Owners Walking The Walk, Or Just All Talk?

As consumers and business owners engage in business transactions, they potentially have the ability to improve their own neighborhoods with each transaction. As consumers purchase goods and services consistently, it nurtures the business and sparks growth. As a business grows, it can create a domino effect of potentially positive outcomes.

One such outcome is the creation of employment for members of the community. It may be an offspring, a relative, a neighbor, or just someone who lives within the community and also living the black experience. Increased employment positively affects the neighborhood in several ways. It increases the amount money within the community as more people are working and receiving a paycheck. The new income ideally can be spent with other black businesses within the area to cause a repeating growth cycle. A byproduct of increased employment is less crime. Being able to create employment opportunity for teenage residents and young adults, creates alternatives to selling drugs or joining gangs. 

Another outcome is the creation of positive black role models. A child that can walk into a business and realize that it is owned by someone who looks like them, they can be inspired to become their own boss and create their own path in life. Successful businesses provide their owners with lifestyles that range from comfortable to extravagant. With children being influenced by what they see, finding out the black men or women they see in the nice cars, fine clothes, or large beautiful homes are business owners could inspire some kids to make the decision become a business owners themselves. In any event black business ownership promotes positive successful images of people of color, and the more positive images we promote the better.


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With all the possible positive results of supporting black owned businesses, are the black business owners leading the way and supporting black businesses themselves? Businesses require many more services than the average consumers. Many need services which are geared and supplied for businesses only. These services include but are not limited to  services such as web programming, advertising, accounting, cleaning services, payroll services and many more.  As a black business owner, are you recirculating the black dollar among other black businesses and providing the same opportunities which you yourself are looking for? As a black business owner you have a chance to lead and show that a positive change  and growth is achievable through financial support or sharing of information. 

Black business owners need to be familiar with most black business directory sites that list businesses locally and nation wide. Owners should choose a black photographer such as Gushfilms for product pictures, head shots, or original images when creating websites or advertising materials. If your company sets up events such a wedding receptions and other party types make sure to use companies such as Petals by V for floral arrangements, and black companies to fulfill your printing needs. If your company is large enough to support a paid payroll service, consider a company like Next Generation Payroll which offer more services than ADP at a much more affordable price. Black owned hair salons and hair dressers should encourage their clients to shop at black owned hair companies like Sleek Bundles. As a black business owner you have many choices to make when spending your money, make sure you too are looking for businesses owned by people who look like you.


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