How Selebr8te All Occasions Began

How Selebr8te All Occasions Began

Why you ask? Good question, how much time do you have, please pull up a chair while I spill the tea. Let me begin by saying Olive Branch is a nice place however there's a reason why they don't have a balloon store there. African Americans are very reserve there. If your not a church member or friend of someone they know, they will not support you. We was so proud to get a store in OB, however we wasn't welcome with open arms. When people look at our beautiful displays in the store front window you would think they would be in awe. Sad to say that was not the case. That was the first time my family and I experience what shunning feels like. People would walk by and give us these crazy looks that says what is that. I may not be the smartest woman in the world, but most people do know what balloons are, right? Well the people in OB made me second guess that theory. We even went out of our way and made balloon displays outside and gave a few balloons away, but no one came in our store for the first two weeks. On the third week a black beautician who owns a beauty salon a few doors down from us told us that the Asian Nail Tec are telling there clients bad things about us. She than proceeded to record live on facebook with her phone to help support us. A few of her clients came by to order a few things to help support our Black Owned Business. To this day we are still very grateful, however we ended closing down less than two months. Every time I think of that horrific event brings tears to my eyes.

They say when you fall, you have to get back up and dust yourself off. I ask myself why do Black people not trust each other? Why won't we support one another? Is it because of the mental, emotional and physical abuse we endured through the psychological ruin of our people through slavery? Or is it because black people genuinely don't won't to support one another because they think we are to expensive? How would you know if you don't open the door and ask questions and check things out. No, I think this is bigger than we know. Sometimes I feel like the world is against my people and most of us is in denial because the truth hurts and it's a bitter spill to swallow. I suppose it's easier to shun or not support one another because your programmed to do so. My family and I are starting over in Charlotte SBO. Wish us luck and many prayers. If your ever in the Charlotte area and need balloons, give us a call.

Last but not least, my family and I would like to thank SBO for supporting all Black Owned Business. Thank you and many blessings. Please read with a open mind and open heart that the struggle is real, however there is a higher being that is good and he sees all. Thank you again for reading our story. See Our Profile



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