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What Digital Marketing Is - The 101 Guide to Small Business Marketing

Find out what digital marketing is today, the tactics involved, the types of content you can create, and the purpose digital marketing serves to.

We explain how you can become so much more successful, when you leverage digital technology for your small business.

Digital Marketing Definition

Digital marketing includes all marketing efforts that involve the use of an electronic device.

The term digital marketing often is used synonymously with online marketing. However, digital marketing can be done online and offline.

Learn about about what digital marketing includes here.

Why do you need digital marketing?

In general

Marketing is about connecting people. It’s about communicating with your audience and being the messenger for the value you give.

You want your marketing efforts to be successful. Therefore it is crucial to connect with the right people, at the right place, at the right time.

Digital marketing allows you to do just that and meet people where they are. Today people spend a great amount of time of their day on digital devices, and most likely on the internet.

Digital marketing supports your business objectives by converting prospects into customers using digital technologies.

Chances are you already do digital marketing. When you have a website, or send out emails, or have a have social media account for your business, that is digital marketing.

Digital marketing really gives you endless possibilities and unlike most offline marketing efforts, allows you to see accurate results in real time.

How are you going to know how many people saw your newspaper ad or for how many sales that ad was responsible? Right. You can’t. With digital marketing however, you can measure the ROI of pretty much every aspect.

4.48 billion people use the internet worldwide. Wow! That’s a lot of people, isn’t it? As a matter of fact, that’s 58 % of the world population.

And the number of active internet users is still increasing by 11 users per second. This means the digital population increases by 1 million users each day.

Moreover, the way people shop and buy really has changed too. This means traditional offline marketing isn’t as effective as it used to be.

Google and Facebook generate more revenue than any traditional media company because they control more eyeballs. That’s why digital marketing matters. It is where the attention is.

Connect with us and get all eyes on you.

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