Meet LaPoche’s Boutique

Meet LaPoche’s Boutique

                          About The Business

1. What services or products do you offer?

We provide accessories and clothing that you can get styled on a budget.

2. What made you choose to start this type business?

I choose to start this business because I didn’t want to go back to my 9-5 after COVID-19.

3. How long has your business been in operation?

My business has been in operation for 1 month.

4. How do you attract your customers?

Social media and word of mouth.

5. How do you advertise your business/product/service?

Social media and handing out business cards.

6. Do you have employees?

No, I am the only employee.

7. What is your company goal and vision?

Our vision is to provide great customer service and good quality clothes and accessories for all genres.

8. Do you operate locally, regionally or nationally?


9. What do you feel makes your business unique?

I am involved in all aspects of of my business I am not  getting no help from no one.

10. What do you envision for the future of your business?

Expanding our online boutique.

11. What do you want people to think when they hear your business name or see your business logo?

I want people to know that LaPoche’s Boutique means family and family is everything than to me.<


      About the Business Owner

1. Provide a short paragraph bio.

I am Shandrika Williams, a wife and mother to 4 kids who decide to launch an online boutique.

2. Why did you become a business owner?

To leave some generation wealth to my kids and grand-kids.

3. How do you personally define business? Is it money, freedom, power, influence innovation or else?

Success in this business is measured by the number of people we sell to and the quality of our products.

4. How did you finance your business launch?

Out of pocket.

5. To what do you attribute your success?

The grace of God and the support from family, friends and other small business owners.

6. Was there a time you want to quit? How did you overcome those feelings?

Yes, I pray to God for reassurance of why I started this business.

7. What is your biggest regret if any?

Every business owner has at least one. Devoting most of my time to the business and trying to balance family time.

 8. If you have one piece of advice for an new entrepreneur what would it be?

Keep pushing and remain focused.

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