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Black Photographers You Can Support In North Carolina

Black Photographers You Can Support In North Carolina

Supporting Black photographers in North Carolina is a vital initiative that not only amplifies diverse voices within the artistic community but also contributes to a more inclusive representation of perspectives and narratives. By actively seeking out and promoting the work of Black photographers, we foster a richer cultural landscape that reflects the depth and breadth of talent within the state. Embracing and uplifting Black creatives in North Carolina not only provides them with opportunities for recognition and growth but also challenges the industry to break down barriers and promote equity. Through collaboration, exhibitions, and patronage, we can ensure that the vibrant stories and unique visions of Black photographers in North Carolina are given the visibility and appreciation they rightfully deserve, fostering a more inclusive and representative visual arts community for all. Whether it's a wedding, graduation, family photos, a video or a podcast, we have compiled a list of photographers to support in North Carolina. Pay a visit to their practices and share your experiences by leaving a review on the SBO platform. Mentioning that you discovered them through the SBO directory may even make you eligible for a discount. 



Robert Chavis, 23 year old NC based photographer in the Charlotte area. Specializing in Portraits, Drone (FAA part 107 licensed), Car, Product, and Event Photography. Here to cater to your needs and make your vision a reality. Flexible Pricing options based on budget, time, and travel. College students/Recent College Grads receive a smaller price point. Pricing is done on a flat rate, hourly, with options for location changes/outfit changes included in rate. Printing is also available. (visit profile)


Science of Life Photography

Science of Life Photography is a photo artist that desires to capture individual expressions through still imagery. Their experience in photography grows daily due to his constant growth goals to create some of the most memorable images for their clients. A session with Science of Life Photography is a life experience, not just a photo session. (visit profile)



Epic Drone Images

An Insured Event Videographer in Greensboro, NC servicing the surrounding Piedmont Triad. Pricing starts at $150 and up depending on the job. We offer Videography, with or without the drone, using HD Cinema Cameras, and offer cinematic looks. We do not post all of our projects here as we complete them, but if you'd like to see some of our work, contact us and Lets Get Creative Together.  (visit profile)


Hashenda Baxter Fotografia

I came to document you in a unique way. I'm a photographer for hire and very open to travel. Now booking sessions for both personal and business needs not limited to but including Portraiture, Weddings, Artist Portfolios etc. My team slays! (visit profile)


Alan Lux Studios

Alan Lux Studios is a creative, unique, and bold studio that focuses on portrait, commercial, and sports photography. We take great pride in delivering a personal approach to your photography needs. ​ Our Mission: ​ INNOVATE∙MOTIVATE∙CREATE ​ in∙no∙vate /'ine , vat'/ (verb) to introduce something new innovating new experiences, developing existing ones ​ make changes in something established the ability to diversify and innovate competitively drives our success ​ mo∙ti∙vate /'mode , vat'/ (verb) to provide with a motive or motives; incite; impel we are motivated by our zeal to stimulate one's interest in or enthusiasm for doing something we will motivate others to live their dreams cre∙ate /'kre ' at/ (verb) to evolve from one's thought or imagination we create understanding ​ cause to happen; bring about; arrange, as by intention or design synergy of the artist and muse creates magic. (visit profile)






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