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 Racial Harmony Is Not Our Burden To Carry

Racial Harmony Is Not Our Burden To Carry

We are tired. 

And that is an understatement.

There is a solemn part of me that would like to argue how the United States has made progressive strides against combating racism. Perhaps this would be where we give Black Twitter their flowers for their uncanny sleuth experience, pulling the employment and education card for internet racists one backhand comment at a time. But, although their diligence has much to be applauded, let's discuss the Great Racial Divide that still looks like the old ‘Great’ America. 


African American individuals may be migrating into powerful positions but old America and some of their most combative and angriest descendants take no break in trying their hardest to remind the world that although we are moving into those spaces, we aren't necessarily welcomed.

And, that's a problem. 

However, here lies the opportunity to submit our very own reminders. No, we are not our ancestors. We are our ancestors' wildest dreams and when there is an attempt to snuff out said greatness, it will be met with swift correction. The most recent display of correction comes in a perfectly enunciated alliteration, Bad Blonde Butch Built Body, from United States Representative, Ms. Jasmine Crockett

Marjorie Taylor Green Disrespects Black Women

US Representative, Marjorie Taylor Green, no stranger to chaos and racist foolery tried her hand at being disrespectful and was simply met in good measure. The problem is that Ms. Taylor feels she has the right to be disrespectful to Crockett simply because she is exactly who she is. What she wasn't counting on, was Crockett’s perfectly timed, swift, and biting response. 

The even bigger problem is the pacifying manner in which Ms. Taylor was asked to calm down by the meeting’s moderator in comparison to the more adamant manner in which Crockett was requested to let go of the offense. 

This exchange reminds us of one very important lesson. While we should continue to strive to be a representing voice in the room, we must pour back into our communities and our people to become that impenetrable reinforcing bond that we have the potential to be. 

Shirley Chisholm Bossed Up, So Jasmine Could Clap Back

Let’s be reminded that the number of African American women in history who have unapologetically stood on their business is a growing number. Take for instance, New York-born US Congresswoman, Shirley Chisholm, who not only became the first black woman to run for president, but she did so under the slogan: “Unbought and Unbossed”.


We never had the pleasure of having Congresswoman Chisholm lead the nation from the Oval Office, not because she was unqualified or not as great as her counterparts, but her self-confidence and commitment to excellence was met with adversity, denial and the requirement to be more in a space that was not willing to first accept that she was undoubtedly capable.


However, Chisholm, just like Crockett, showcased resilience and perseverance in the essence of the true class act she proved to be, going on to be an advocating voice for different child care related challenges and other areas that affected African American communities.


America Tries To Delete Slavery From The History Books

Lingering disrespect isn't new to the Black Community. In fact, we could potentially spend a few fortnights breaking down well-known instances of blatant disrespect before we have to switch to any sub-genres, starting with slavery. Every single thing about it is disrespectful. The sheer fact of its extenuating and long-term existence is a fine indicator where other races have placed a firm stake in the belief that African Americans are not necessarily worth being heard, but only as valuable as the work they put forward for others. Considering, it's no surprise that there have been multiple instances of early education schools attempting to downplay slavery, up to the repeated outcry to banish it from the history books.

History Always Repeats Itself, But The Disruptors Help Make The Difference


Black history is steeped in a scathing truth, but there has also been a multitude of historical breadcrumbs that have revealed how we can change the tide. Change doesn't come about from enduring the same pains repeatedly and somehow becoming stronger towards the blows. It also isn't practicing the same habits that have been proven to not work. Change comes when there is a disruption in an old process. So, if we are looking to close the representation, wealth, and economic gap, it is necessary to recognize that our strength is in bonding together, supporting each other and pouring into our communities.

Dismantling Stereotypes

To dismantle stereotypes and change societal perceptions, African Americans are expected to conduct themselves with the utmost grace, intelligence, and professionalism. The requirement to consistently exceed life's expectations and be kind and respectful even when we are openly disrespected, places an immense burden on us. It perpetuates the notion that we are inherently inferior until proven otherwise. 


Not cool and not the case. 


This arduous path to acceptance and understanding takes a toll on our mental health, self-worth, and overall well-being.


This is not to simply dismiss being the absolute best version of yourself and representation of our communities, but the focus should be more so on having a harmonious community and from there it will demand what is the most important: societal respect. 

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Let's support each other in business, mental health and community progress, and show ourselves, first, exactly how dynamic we are. It doesn't hurt to mention that when we move together, it turns into a movement. 

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