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Don't Give Away Your Online Identity

Don't Give Away Your Online Identity

 There are many companies out there that offer different services to help you accomplish this goal.  Some companies offer a one stop shop for everything, while others only handle one or two parts of the process.

 No matter which process you decide to choose, make sure you own your online identity.  Your online identity is the website domain that you choose to set up for your business, or simply stated, it’s the words that person types in to reach your website. You may want to know “how can i lose my online identity if it’s a domain for my website?” Simply by not being informed. If you’re clueless about creating a web presence, then you will most likely hire someone to do it for you. This is point which is most critical to you securing your online identity. Once you go through the process of finding a domain name which will fit your company perfectly, you decide to hire a company to make your vision a reality.  These companies take all the necessary steps to put your business online. They purchase the domain name, set up hosting, design your website, and then you’re ready to introduce your business to the world-wide web. Only problem is you have now paid for a website that does not belong to you. Whaaaaaattttt? That’s right, the company has made all the necessary transactions to secure your domain name, hosting, etc. using their company funds meaning that technically belongs to them.

 So how do you avoid this? The first method is to do some research of your own, search the internet for instructions on how and where to register a domain name. Then proceed to register your domain name yourself and then contact a programmer to build your site. The second method is to make sure your contract with the programmer has specifics about the domain name ownership. It should state that the programmer is only registering the domain on your behalf and that you have all ownership rights to the domain name. Make sure you own your online identity.