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The Chase

The Chase

I’m talking about taking risks and accepting failures as I continually hunt it down. Daily sweating and pushing forward to capture what is mine. At times I can smell fear on my heels trying to capture me again. He should have never let me go and I won’t be captured again.  Fear kills dreams, hopes and can paralyze your very being. I almost died because fear was present day in and out. I secluded myself into my home with blacked out curtains. My self-confidence became null and void. I was afraid of everything and my mind began to crumble. A vision that was once bright and purposeful was now null and void with darkness. Zig Ziggler said “fear is false evidence appearing real”. This is war and I shall win, because I am now the hunter and not the hunted. I once was asked the question “are you a gazelle or a lion?” and this is what drove me to stop making excuses and walk in my lioness characteristics.  I don’t have to be perfect and neither do you, but we can continue to chase and obtain our best one day at a time. There is more to you than what you have achieved. Where is that drive to take your life to the next level or are you just settling? Question who are you impacting with your daily life? Titles don’t matter but influence does. Is there more to you than what you have settled with? What are you hungry for? If you don’t know, search within yourself and begin your chase. So many die early never chasing and capturing it, but taking it to the grave. If you are reading this then you are breathing. Now start living!!!

Remember the movie The Pursuit of Happiness with Will Smith? He never gave up and faced multiple obstacles.  He was a lion and a hunter. Can you picture yourself in the same situation? Waking up in the middle of the night with sweats and breathing heavy wanting more but not there yet? Nothing is good enough until you reach it. You must define your “it” and prepare yourself to chase. For some it may be increase in finances, self-love, volunteering time with a special group and others it may be to just walk in forgiveness and have a free spirit without regret.  Only you and you alone can define it. Say it out loud with me as loud as you can I- AM- H-U-N-G-R-Y with your lion voice. This hunger is for something far greater than what you once was. The chase is so intense at times it takes your breath away; but your feet never stops moving and your eyes never stop seeing the vision and the steps to capture it. Life is a chase and it will never stop, but every time you capture the vision and tasks, keep going until your last breath has been given. As my emotional and spiritual energy keeps charging and zapping out back and forth, I keep saying to myself do not STOP! Sacrifices will increase and your once comfortable circle of friends and acquaintances will deplete.  This may cause temporary hurt and pain but don’t let fear capture you, because it will destroy your drive and your dream.

Are you hungry enough for success rather than a perpetual cycle of failure, comfortability and lack? I once heard a man say “fall in love with small and big will become attracted to you”. This reminds me one day at a time, but with a purpose. Waste no time on frivolous things any longer. The size of what you are chasing is only important to you. Keep chasing and along the way create discipline within yourself.  Do more than watching TV, listening to music, eating the wrong foods, sitting with negative people and the wrong crowds, and/or allowing time to just past by without doing purposeful things. Hunters are strategic planners of precise action, so make every second of your 24 hours matter. What drives you? Are you with someone who is toxic to your chase? Are you focusing on material things that don’t matter for where you want to go? What are you afraid of? Failure is inevitable and will happen, but as Les Brown shares “fall forward and don’t be afraid to fail your way to success”. Only you can define your success. I am here to say you are worth it and you have what it takes. You are good enough to chase and capture it. I believe in you.


I challenge you to be genuine and don’t mimic someone else, create your own better person. I have had the privilege to meet great people who have either woke me up from a time ticking death, a career suicide mission and a physical death. I was chasing something called C-O-M-F-O-R-T and it was killing me within like poison. You don’t smell it, realize it or feel it until it is close to taking over your body and with an instant your lights are out. I mean dead, stiff and no more breath. Transform yourself not as a spectator but as a fighter in this chase of life and make it happen! Now it’s my turn to ask YOU, are you a gazelle or are you a lion? Now hunt…