A Card That Crosses Socio-Economic Boundaries

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May 18, 2017

Revolutionary Prepaid Black Card Master Card

A card that crosses socio-economic boundaries

World-revolutionary card eliminates wealth and social differences

The Ztegrity –Ultra Elite Rewards Card introduces a new take upon the financial wins of being a card holder. It is dedicated in great lines to the African American people as it works on the values of community, fairness and sharing.

While banks and affiliates that issue cards create a hierarchy between card holders depending on income, gender and origins, the Ztegrity –Ultra Elite Rewards Card promises a homogeneous network of card holders.

This prepaid master card offers everyone the possibility to benefit of the monetary rewards by paying the same amount as everyone else. There are no favorites, no special treatment for some categories of people. 

The exclusivity that this revolutionary card offers is that you are invited to the card holders’ network and then you can acquire a card. You start to be rewarded with significant amounts of money as you invite more and more friends to acquire the Ztegrity –Ultra Elite Rewards Card.

The Ztegrity –Ultra Elite Rewards Card creates a network of people that can easily upgrade the quality of their life by changing their car, house or job PLUS it rewards you with exotic vacations, sporting events and shopping sessions.

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Sonya Harris 

Jonesboro, GA




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