The Forever App Gives Loved Ones Access to Protected Data

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Richmond, VA- The Forever App, designed by Richmond natives Michael Penn and Clarence Bey, is a mobile application designed to address an issue facing many families; How do I gain access to my loved-one’s online presence, mobile devices or other secure account when the unforeseen takes place?

The Forever App provides its members a process to share their most protected data in the case of a life emergency. With The Forever App, members can protect their social media accounts, bank/investment accounts, smart phone and mobile device passcodes within The Forever App. Users can even add videos, images and documents to the platform as well. The app user may assign a Forever Partner that will be given access to the protected information in the event that the member is unable to access it on their own.

Unexpected tragedies across the US, such as the Pulse nightclub shooting and those that never make the national news like a teen losing their life in a car crash provide even more reason that such an app is needed.

The Forever App fills the need giving families access to information and images to help them in the healing process as they deal with their loss. ### The Forever App is the easiest way to securely STORE and SHARE private data and content to your most trusted loved ones in a case of an emergency.

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The Forever App


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