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Still Having Fun In St Maarten?
Just wanted to touch bases with you.
Also, to let you in on something Andre & I have been into for a while now.

A Card That Crosses Socio-Economic Boundaries


May 18, 2017

Revolutionary Prepaid Black Card Master Card

A card that crosses socio-economic boundaries

World-revolutionary card eliminates wealth and social differences

Oluwa & Celestin Launches Luxury eCommerce Platform for Designers of the African Diaspora


May 9, 2017 - Oluwa & Celestin has launched the first department store carrying luxury brands created and designed by artists of the African Diaspora. The e-Commerce site specializes in carrying apparel, jewelry, beauty products, lifestyle accessories and home décor.

Drone Tech UAS Adds DGH Drone Detection Solutions

Today, Drone Tech UAS announced the addition of Drone Go Home (DGH) drone detection solutions to Drone Tech UAS services and solutions portfolio to help correctional facilities use and defend against drones. (Introduction of Prison Drones.)

All that is Glitz and Glamour for the Girls

According to Fashion Designer Diane Linston, fashions should always be high-key, up beat and fashionably fun. Sequins fashions is still a hot trend for the 2017 fall season and Linston has her finger on the pulse of glitz and glamour with style creations that transcend from business casual to red carpet

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