The Crisis Continues

The Crisis Continues

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AIDS crisis in Miami has continuously been on the rise owing to the injection drug usage, heterosexual, and homosexual behavior among the residents. Primarily, men who engage in sexual activities with other men constitute more than half of the recently diagnosed AIDS cases and HIV infections.

According to information given by Florida Health in 2014, AIDS cases are mainly subdivided into four main categories. First, men who have sex with men cause 269 transmission cases (Florida Health, n.d). The second transmission case whose number is 15 is said to be caused by injection drug use (IDU). Thirdly, 12 cases are either caused by men sex with men or injection drug use. Finally, 83 cases are caused by heterosexual contact. On the other hand, based on nationalities, 18% of the reported cases (2351) are mainly on white, non-Hispanic individuals, 21% (2732) represents black, non-Hispanic individuals, and 59% (7539) is made up of Hispanic race. Additionally, Florida Health issued information on the age group where most individuals fall. First, 9% of the cases (1148) represents individuals who lie in the ages between 13 to 29 years. Secondly, 45% (5836) represents individuals whose age is between 30 to 49 years while 46% (5847) represents individuals who are above 50 years old.

Why AIDS should not be taken lightly?

            Notably, there continues to be an increase in the number of infection cases in Florida and the young people do not seem to care about awareness and embracing preventive measures. There has been an absence of public sensitization which has led to the increasing cases among the upcoming generation of young individuals who do not seem to be concerned about the fear that HIV once had during earlier times. Due to the alarming rate, healthcare advocates and groups have expanded their modern public health campaigns and services on the prevention of HIV. 


Additionally, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation has established modern medical clinics which are meant to issue patients with medical care and services notwithstanding their ability to pay or insurance status.

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