Who’s Pulling the Trigger ?

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Living in America  nearly every citizen has feelings and opinions about gun control being guided by  world events , mass media,  society, our schools, and politics. The argument about gun control involves a lot of propaganda and statistics which has been misleading.  Will this matter ever be resolved?

Nevertheless, the constitution allows the right for any citizen to keep in bear arms, but gun violence is  out of control. Throughout many debates advocates of gun control claim many shooting arise because of emotions and arguments. Looking back in time the real reason for having a gun was to ensure the safety in our homes, and on our streets but ,guns are being used for crimes in day-to-day violence. We should all emphasize enforcing the laws to solve this matter.

For the past couple of years, gun control has gained a lot of attention. Many shootings have occurred, such as the Colorado shooting in the theater, and this has caused people to live within fear. People are afraid of going out in public and not making it safely back home. Gun control has failed in so many ways. The media suggests that people who are living with guns feel that if  there are  more legal gun owners there will be less crime occurring.  Guns make some individuals feel safer and they carry a gun everywhere they go. However, gun control advocates believes that more guns will result  in and increase in crime and gun violence. We as individuals should want gun control, because too many innocent people have lost their lives in tragic shootings.

Every day we are facing this issue of gun control.Families and parents are waking up with concern for their kids’ safety more and more every day. The laws are supposed to keep the sale of a handgun out of the hands of a criminal. As a result these laws should help save lives, decrease the amount of robberies, lower the number of tragic and gang related shootings. There are people who want gun control and there are so many who don’t. I believe people have lost site of the meaning behind using or having a gun for protection.  With proper education about a gun, people will understand how and when to use it ,and this  will make our communities much safer to live in.


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