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Wilsons Auto World

Wilson's Auto World is a black owned mechanic, auto repair and body shop located between St. Anthony Village and Northeast Minneapolis. We not only specialize in auto repair but we pride…

Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Lex Pyerse Clothing

Lex Pyerse Clothing is an apparel company that focuses on Pan-African colored and inspirational word clusters, as well as African and Carribean national flags

Los Angeles, California
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Therapeutic oils for a healthy and a happy life. Patty's Therapeutic Oils offers an array of products formulated to help everyone feel better, look good and smell good.

Morrisville, North Carolina
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1. Policyworks LLC

Columbus, Ohio

2. Land Surveyors

Pretoria, Gauteng
Engineering Surveys Industrial Surveys Aerial Surveys Mining Surveys Cadastral/Property Surveys Construction Surveys Structural Surveys More Info

3. Malambule Professional Engineering Surveyors

Centurion, Gauteng
The company provides property surveying, Engineering Surveying, Construction Surveying, GIS & Remote Sensing. More Info


4. David Mason and Associates, Inc.

Yes, I Am a Black Business
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
David Mason + Associates engineers the foundation of communities by assessing, creating, and preserving essential infrastructure and facilities. We are energized by the challenge, inspired by our people. More Info