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Tattoos & Piercing

Black or African American person who provides tattoos and Piercing 

Black or African American person who provides tattoos and Piercing 



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Rare Jewels Coaching

MBA & Certified Life Coaching Services. Developing Exclusive Personal Development services for Women Of Faith. Develop workshops, E-courses & mentor entrepreneurs. Clothing Ambassador for…

Columbus, OHIO
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Sigmund Hanberry Photography LLC

A hard working man that love to have a camera in his hands to capture the moments of life

New York, New York
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ExecuScents Candles

ExecuScents Candles makes handmade scented candles for business professionals.

Monee, Illinois
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1. Skin Prik city

Fayetteville, North Carolina

2. Brush Elements,LLC

Miami, Florida
Great choice for picking Brush Elements, LLC, formally known FaceArt by Raven,to make your day special. All FDA approved paints and glitters. More Info

3. Dollhouse Tattoos

Coral Springs, Florida
Spirituality (Healers, and traditionalist) More Info


4. Celebrity Brows by Akisha Jenee, LLC

Phoenix, Arizona
Akisha Jenee Holland is the Owner and Top Permanent Makeup Artist of Celebrity Brows by Akisha Jenee. Her company offers permanent makeup services that enhance clients’ natural beauty so that they can wake up and go without having to apply makeup. More Info

5. MDBW Tattoos

Ashtabula, Ohio
A black owned tattoo shop, starting out in a small town More Info

6. Natural Brows Microblading

Silver Spring, Maryland
Microblading is a gentle, tattoo procedure that fills out sparse brows and lasts upto 1 year before needing a touchup. Women love microblading because it means that you can wake up and go with beautiful brows that won’t smear off. More Info