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Since the introduction of Clear Essence® Beauty Skin Care System in the late 1980s, we have dedicated our lives to the preparation and refinement of each of our natural skin care products.

Our skin care system has looked to correct the unique skin care concerns of darker skin tones and those looking to improve their overall skin health. The skin care products of Clear Essence have been proven to be most effective for men and women of color around the world. Our chemists and cosmetologists take great pride in carefully studying skin structure to develop the best skin care products suitable for people who experience a larger amount of melanin in their skin.

We will continue to build on our solid reputation of providing the highest quality beauty products and superior, uninterrupted service to our valued, established, and prospective skin care customers worldwide. Our operations and skin care products are guaranteed to be safe and effective.


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14900 Hilton Drive, Fontana 92336, California, United States

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