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Coffee, Tea & Drinks

Black or African American companies or individuals who create or provide drinks as a service or product.

Black or African American companies or individuals who create or provide drinks as a service or product.





 Atlanta, Georgia

2. The Opulent Essence

 Powder Springs, Georgia
The Opulent Essence is a holistic wellness shop whose intention is to provide products that heal the body, mind & spirit in efforts to achieve complete harmony & balance. While raising vibrations, balancing chakras and alkalizing the body.

3. Asante Harvest

 Greensboro, North Carolina
Asante means “Thank You” in Swahili. We sell 100% Single Origin Specialty Kenyan Coffee. Asante Harvest's main goal is developing relationships with communities that produce high-quality products and creating appreciation for their harvest.


4. Phenomenal Events and Catering

 Denver, Colorado
Phenomenal Events and Catering your 1 stop shop for all you Event and Catering needs. Let us help you plan an Event that you will never forget. Custom menus to go along with any event serving 1 to 1000 guest.

5. Majestea

 Atlanta, Georgia
Premium and herbal teas. We have ready bottled drinks and loose leaf teas.

6. Pot Heads Tea

 Arizona, Arizona
Pot Heads Tea is a tea company providing premium artisan teas and tea party services. Our teas are infused with organic florals, herbs and fruits. Enhance your tea experience with our premium tea blends or with a DIY Tea bar & tea party.

7. Selden Cafe

 Bogotá, Bogota
Coffee exporters of 100% Delicious Colombian Coffee Blends.

8. Little Amsterdam Coffee

 Los Angeles, California
A foreign escape planted locally near the heart of Los Angeles. Located in the densely populated, evolving, Mid-City neighborhood, one of the cities most historic, culturally inclined communities.

9. Wright Bros. Coffee Shop

 Camp Springs, Maryland
Wright Bros. Coffee Shop, specializes in made to order coffee, whether you want whole bean or ground coffee, we can do it for you. We don’t make big batches of coffee, we make single batches, as ordered by you, the customer. So you can be guaranteed

10. Coffee Seven Days A Week

 Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
Whether you are looking for a medium-dark roasted espresso blend or a light roast single origin, we have a coffee for you. All of our coffees are roasted using traditional drum roasters, offering maximum control over the roast profile of each coffee.

11. Flora's Tea Company

 Springfield Gardens, New York
Flora's Tea is an online store that sells the freshest and most delicious teas possible, reconnecting you to Mother Earth. Many of our teas come in unique flavors inspired by the Caribbean: Guava, Hibiscus, Tropical Earl Grey, Pineapple, and others!

12. Mahogany Brew By Renee

 Millville, New Jersey

13. Runnin' Buzz Bartending Services LLC

 Tallahassee, Florida
Yes, I Am a Black Business
Runnin' Buzz Bartending provides services that offers fun, personal, and a professional bartending and beverage catering experience serving cocktails and mocktails, to take any event to another level; and sets a tone for great memories.

14. Siagi's Soul Food

1 Reviews
 North Las Vegas, Nevada
Yes, I Am a Black Business

15. Florida Sunshine Paradise

 Wake Worth, Florida
Florida Sunshine Paradise is a wholesale distributor of high quality juices; organic and natural. Mango juice, pomegranate, guava and cocktail are sold by pallet or case

16. Bold & Gritty

 Rochester, New York
Yes, I Am a Black Business
We are a lifestyle brand that tells the stories of black male success. Our curated portfolio of products offers premium products essential to the Bold & Gritty lifestyle.

17. Gild + Legacy Teas

1 Reviews
 Detroit, Michigan
Healing, aromatic herbal teas carefully crafted + inspired by our ancestors + Créole heritage. Made with the creative in mind.

18. The Herbal Committea

 Twinsburg, Ohio
The Herbal Committea is committed to improving people’s health and well-being naturally with organic herbal and botanical tea formulas.

19. Irie coffee TEAS and BOBAS

 West Jordan, Utah
Irie coffee TEAS and BOBAS is a family owned cafe that features a HUGE selection if over 85 coffees TEAS and organic fruit BOBAS ! Voted 2nd best coffee shop in Utah by KSL.

20. Irie Infusion

 Atlanta, Georgia
Yes, I Am a Black Business
Irie Infusion is a wellness brand serving organic hemp tea for those looking for a delicious addition to their morning, sleep, immunity, and healing routine.