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Address: PO Box 600805, San Diego 92160, California, United States
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The only thing that has remained constant in the beauty industry over the years is women’s love of makeup.  Cosmetics are considered basic necessities and purchased regardless of the health of the economy.

With America’s increasingly diverse ethnic populations, foundations should be specialized to match the underlying skin tones.    Ethnic skin tones have yellow and beige undertones as well as minor subtleties in the undertones.    The shades of foundation should not interfere with the color of the skin, but rather work with a person’s true color.

Online makeup store Colours Cosmetique offers cosmetics specially designed for ‘women of color’.  Foundations that perfectly match the skin are some of the most difficult items to find, especially for ethnic consumers.   Colours Cosmetique sets itself apart from department stores that tend to sell the same makeup and usually; one color cosmetic line.  Colours Cosmetique stocks makeup in various shades & hues.  Alabaster - ebony and every shade in between.