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Unit A 5 Colville Road, London W3 8BL, England, United Kingdom


David Emmanuel Noel has over 20 years of experience in the arts and design sector, providing art and design services to clients worldwide. Services include original paintings and prints, illustrations, portraits, desktop publishing and company logo designs. He has exhibited internationally and worked on community art and regeneration projects in the US,UK and mainland Europe. In both London and New York,  he continues to act as a consultant on community engagement and social development projects, often working closely with construction professionals, local government and charities regarding the use of art as a platform for delivering therapeutic environments.


A good logo is crucial in branding and marketing a music artist and David paid meticulous attention to my criteria and came up with a variety of designs….It has been a pleasure working with him, a professional that is so prompt and creativity talented “


DaPaul Philips - Musician, London


" David and I have collaborated in many capacities and I have always been pleased with the results. As of recent he has helped me create flyers for advertising my shows and has provided great advice on how they should look. I have come to trust his artistic eye, realising he knows what I am looking for even before I do and this is an indispensable quality to have...."


Darry Yokley- Composer, New York


' David approaches tasks in a measured and thoughtful way, ensuring clarity of action and decision making. He has a calm control of situations and can be trusted to deliver. I have no hesitation in recommending him.'


Greham Raynham Director at Bond Bryan Architects Ltd , London & Dubai




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Unit A 5 Colville Road, London W3 8BL, England, United Kingdom

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