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Dukes HR Consulting and Training


Lyndhurst, Ohio, United States

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The Dukes HR Consulting and Training has consultants that have worked in their area of expertise from 10 to 30 years. Our consultants specialize in training, benefits, recruitment, coaching and HR policies and procedures. Focusing our energy, skills, and abilities on informing, guiding, and caring for the wellness of the workforce; by being supportive, simplifying, understanding and when appropriate taking the lead. We work in a manner that serves the best interests of both the organization and workforce. Our goals for your organization are: • To improve employee resources as well as obtaining our clients satisfaction • Leveraging our field training and hands-on understanding of regulatory, organizational, and human capital management practices • To give organizations, business owners and management, ideas about how to improve the overall well-being of employees • Business owners, organizations and management gain an edge in human capital management and legal compliance because Dukes HRC has over 30 years of knowledge and experience • Effectively utilizing personnel to obtain the goals of the organization, while addressing the specific needs of the business • Train your


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