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Black or African American companies or individuals that provide editing services
Black or African American companies or individuals that provide editing services Less



1. AALBC dot com, LLC

 New York, New York
AALBC.com (African American Literature Book Club) is the oldest, largest, and most frequently visited, web site dedicated to books and film by or about people of African descent. Founded in 1997.

2. Baltimore Times

 Baltimore, Maryland

3. New Roots Development, LLC

 Atlanta, Georgia


4. Perceptual Plazz

 Coconut Creek, Florida
Perceptual Plazz is a growing poet, author, and columnist who performers her work occasionally. She also extends professional editing and content developing services. Find her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and her website perceptionofplazz.com.

5. VMH Publishing

 Atlanta, Georgia

6. Khelsea Purvis Editorial Services LLC

 Randolph, Massachusetts
Khelsea Purvis Editorial Services LLC helps creative minds perfect their storytelling skills by providing book coaching, critiquing, editing, and proofreading services.

7. Speak Write Play

 Somerset, New Jersey
Yes, I Am a Black Business
English language services from editing and proofreading to English language art tutoring to English classes for adults.

8. The Gray Perspective

 Kentucky, Kentucky
The Gray Perspective services range from editing, revising, creating original content, blogs, website bios, etc. Additionally, requests for public speaking, workshop facilitation, and journal writing, may be granted.

9. Slavesusa

 Louisville, Kentucky
Please don’t miss the message! Descendants of slaves’ cultural potential is being wasted because we simply don’t know who we are! The only common denominator that links all descendants of slaves together and makes us who we are is slavery in America