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2400 Federal Street, Philadelphia 19146, Pennsylvania, United States


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Black Seed Cafe is a Black owned family business. It literally started during a family dinner. The father and daughter duo has an extensive pallet and the mom not so much. Iyannah teases that her and her Dad has a cultured pallet an ongoing theme. Mom bakes and cooks everything from scratch bread, pizza dough and her cakes can't be matched. She say's if they sell it, we can make it. You can't have a store bought house sauce leading to her making the salad dressing and house sauces. Black Seed Cafe opened its doors November 2, 2019 Iyannah and then Chef/Cousin it was a hit. February 6, 2020 around 6am Quadir was parking to open the Cafe he was fatally shot. The Cafe closed. With hesitation Iyannah re-opened March 8, 2020 and two weeks later COVID-19 threw another blow. 

This cafe is still a hit and the food is fabulous. The Salmon Cheese Steaks, Breakfast Bowls, Rice Bowls and Burgers will make you buy two. 

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2400 Federal Street, Philadelphia 19146, Pennsylvania, United States

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