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Blaze Therapeutics specializes in dietary supplements and other holistic therapeutic products. Blaze Therapeutics is a Responsible Distribution company, which means all products are evaluated and tested prior to being sold to wholesalers and consumers to ensure that the product is not toxic to human/pet health and that the product is not fraudulent. Responsible Distribution is the only method that can truly offer access to products that improve health, wellness, quality of life. Blaze Therapeutics is a woman owned, black owned and Veteran owned subsidiary of New Love Venture (also a woman owned, black owned and Veteran owned capital philanthropy company) and operates on the premise that the beauty of life is amplified through the pursuit and attainment of good health, wellness and the unification of humanity.

Blaze Therapeutics is comprised of a team of experts concentrated from the healthcare, rare disease patient advocacy, nutraceutical and Cannabis industries. Blaze Therapeutics is dedicated to establishing a responsible holistic product industry and regularly engages in partnerships with key stakeholders dedicated to the same.

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Westwood, New Jersey, United States

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