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Durham, North Carolina, United States

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EventPros is a triangle-based company that was created to offer people an opportunity to be part of popular sporting and social events. Through extensive research and planning of each event we are able to offer our customers affordable event packages with flexible payment plans.

Our packages are perfect for all sorts of occasions such as Guys/Girls Night Out, sports weekend trips, family outings, or for those who are just looking for something exciting and different to do.

We strive to provide our customers with the convenience of a one-stop-shop for sporting and social events by bundling tickets, hotel and cruise accommodations, airfare, and or ground transportation into a variety of packages. This saves our customers the time and hassle of contacting all those separate vendors themselves. Our customers feel safe knowing that there event packages are handled by a licensed independent travel agent of Montrose Travel. Our goal is to offer our customers memorable events, great customer service, and convenience, all at an affordable price.

Our goal of 100% satisfaction is not just a saying, it's a reality. We look forward to doing business the old fashion way, "we do what we say

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Durham, North Carolina, United States

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