Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you list your business on SBO if you are not Black or of African decent?

  • No. The business owner must be at least 50% Black owned.

2. Is Support Black Owned a racist website?

  • No. Many consumers are looking specifically for Black owned businesses and Support Black Owned fulfills this need for them. 
  • You can't buy a whopper at Taco Bell

3. Is Support Black Owned website owned by a Black person?

  • Yes. 100% Black Owned.

4. Does a company that wants to advertise on your site need to Black Owned?

  • No. Any company can purchase a banner or ad space, but only Black owned companies can be listed in the directory.

 5. I created my business profile some time ago, why hasn't it been approved?

  • We were unsuccessfully able to verify that your business is at least 50% Black owned. You may contact us to provide proof.

6. I created my business profile, how do i edit/update the information?

  • There is a video with written instructions, just click on the "How To" menu item.
  • See video here.

7. My business profile was active on the site, but i can't find it. Was it removed? If so why?

  • Your business may not be removed, it may have just been deactivated for various reasons.
  • Your business was reported as not being a black owned company.
  • Your business does not have a phone number for customers to reach you.
  • Your website has been reported as unsafe or dangerous and our link to your site causes our site to be reported.

8. I created an account, but when I try to log on to list my business my account is not active or isn't recognized.

  • Once you create an account you have to validate it. Check your spam folder for the activation link.
  • Call customer service and speak with a representative or leave a message. 305-780-0905

9. Is it free to list your business on the Support Black Owned Directory?

  • Yes it is free to list your business.
  • We do have some paid packages which offer more features for your business.

10. If it is free to list on Support Black Owned, why would I pay for the premium service?

  • The premium services get your business profile in front of more customers and also helps you build your social media following.

11. Do I have to add my Logo and pictures?

  • No you don't, but think like a consumer. When you are shopping, if you can't see any pictures of the products, you will more than likely pass over the business.
  • Adding pictures will show how good your work or product is and will more than likely result in higher sales conversions.


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