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1. Bread And Butter Farms

 Monroe, Georgia
A small family-owned farm located in Monroe Ga.

2. Britt Transportation

 Newport News, Virginia
Britt Transportation, LLC is a transportation service located in Newport News, Virginia.

3. Donnie D's Spices & Rubs

 Temecula, California
For years, Donnie D has made good ole’ soups and barbecue using his own unique Maryland blend. Try the Maryland Seasoning, good for seafood, chicken, pork, and vegetables. Get a taste of the Chesapeake anywhere you live.


4. Belle's Barn & Garden

 Desoto, Texas
We are your source for the healthiest, nature-made products on the planet.

5. Hempossible Industries

 Chesapeake, Virginia
Yes, I Am a Black Business
We are farmers that grow hemp. We make products with Full Spectrum Hemp and use all natural ingredients. Our products list includes hemp oil, hemp salve, body butter, alcohol spray, hair serum, gummies, foot cream and feel good lotion.